Constantine von Hoffman
Writer, Editor, Researcher, Reporter, Analyst
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

   1. He's my father.

   2. Actually it's Russian but, oddly enough, I'm mostly Irish.

   3. One son. Gregory.

   4. Jennifer and I have been married since 1993. She does something at Boston University's Scientific Computing and Visualization department that I still don't understand.

   5. No, not around here, but she's really quite well known in Japan.

   6. It's kind of a generic Middle Atlantic accent. I was born in Chicago and raised (mostly) in Rhode Island, so I don't really sound as though I'm from anywhere.

   7. Designed them myself.

   9. Yes, it hurts.

  10. No thanks, I don't drink.

  11. Nope, it's a man's name.

  12. Straight back and to the left.

  13. The Red Sox and The Cubs. (Sigh.)

  14. Ernie Banks.*
  15. Earl Grey. Hot. Milk.

      * Actually, no one has ever asked me who my childhood hero was, but I wanted it known just the same.

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